A Dazzle of Doughnuts

We may have the best quality meat Cape Town has to offer, but we’re not only famous for our fabulous meat products, but we’re also well-known for our other food ranges including the most delectable selection of doughnuts! We call them ‘dots’ and you can choose from custard-filled dots, green pistachio, cookies and cream, and red velvet dots to white, sugared, and marshmallow dots. And if you find it impossible to choose (we understand) - there’s a mini dot or mixed dot assortment!

Doughnuts are probably one of the most beloved pastries out there. If you’ve ever wondered about its origin or doubted its popularity, here are 5 tasty facts about the delectable pastry.

  1. It is widely believed that the Dutch introduced the modern doughnut to the North American market during the mid-19th Century. Called olykoeks or ‘oil cakes’, early versions of the doughnut featured balls of cake that were fried in lard. Because the centre couldn’t cook as fast as the rest of the olykoek, it was replaced with fruit or nuts.
  2. The first recorded use of the word ‘ doughnut ’ was by the author, Washington Irving - in his 1809 History of New York, he describes ‘balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog’s fat, and called doughnuts.’ And the first recorded use of the word ‘donut’ is found in the 1900 story Peck’s Bad Boy and His Pa by George W. Peck - a character is quoted as saying, ‘Pa said he guessed he hadn’t got much appetite and he would just drink a cup of coffee and eat a donut.’
  3. Adolph Levitt, a Russian-born immigrant, invented the first automated doughnut machine in 1920, he called it the ‘Wonderful Almost Human Automatic Donut Machine’. He built eleven machines, all unsuccessful, before getting it right on his twelfth attempt. He placed the machine in the window of his store, and people would watch dough go in and donuts come out - this first prototype could turn out 1,000 donuts in an hour.
  4. In the US, National Donut Day is celebrated on the first Friday in June - the Salvation Army created the national holiday in 1938 to honour the women who served doughnuts to soldiers in World War I. It began as a fundraiser for Chicago’s Salvation Army - the goal of their 1938 fundraiser was to help the needy during the Great Depression.
  5. If you’ve ever wondered how popular and lucrative the doughnut industry is, here’s a glimpse: over 10 billion doughnuts are made in the US each year, and the industry is worth 3.6 billion dollars. The city with the most doughnut shops per person is Boston; and per capita, Canada has more doughnut shops than any other country.

We could go on and on singing the praises of delectable doughnuts, but we’re firm believers in ‘less talk, more action’, so reach out to N1 today - we may be your favourite South African meat wholesalers, but if you’re looking for deliciously decadent doughnuts made from only the best natural ingredients, we can satisfy your doughnut cravings too!

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