About Us

Quality, Service and Delivery are the core values that drive our business and have helped us to become a leading South African meat wholesaler supplying Halaal certified and Non-Halaal meat and other food products to sectors of the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industries, as well as the export market.

N1 Office Cape Town

With humble beginnings in 1991, we opened our doors to the public as a small butchery and meatpacking company. It soon became clear that there was a greater need in the industry. So in 1996 management took the opportunity to shift focus and supply exclusively to the wholesale and export market. Then in 2001, ten years after its inception, N1 opened a new, independent factory, purely for the various Halaal food products to cater to the growing needs of our Halaal clients. 

Now, with over 20 years of experience as meat wholesalers in South Africa, we know that being the best means adapting to the ever-changing landscape. We are continually striving to meet the new demands and challenges of the wholesale meat and wholesale frozen vegetables industry so that we bring you the best food products at competitive rates.  

About Us people

Our Team 

Our flexible approach to individual needs means that our biggest success is our customer satisfaction record. And the reason our team puts you first is that we put our team first.

We understand that a company’s most valuable asset is its people. That’s why our directors, Kevin Munn, Paul Youlten and Andre Richter, take great care to ensure our team’s safety, well-being and total work satisfaction.

Our Process

As leading meat suppliers in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we source only the best local Halaal and Non-Halaal meat, poultry, fish and vegetable products from tried-and-tested, quality suppliers. And we can back it up with these accreditations: 

  • HACCP Certified 
  • Approved ZA Export Certification 
  • ICSA Halaal Accreditation 

Our approved suppliers are handpicked to provide a product quality that’s consistent with our high standards. This means that all our products and ingredients can be traced from the supplier all the way through to your kitchen.

Your order (whether Halaal or Non-Halaal) is produced and delivered to meet your specific requirements while adhering to the strictest hygiene control guidelines. This includes regular microbiological analysis of final products, regular hygiene and quality assessments from independent third-party auditors, and strict policies for the correct management of allergen-containing products. Our cold storage process, in both our separate Halaal and Non-Halaal facilities, also means that you get the freshest final product possible.

Not only are our staff members trained to adhere to the Food Safety Code of Conduct, but our sales reps are ready to have you as our guests so we can prepare a customized tasting session at your convenience. This allows you the freedom to customize the product to suit your market and gives you peace of mind, as you know exactly what you are getting.

We continually reinvest in our systems so that we can improve our service to you. That’s the N1 way.